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Originally Posted by Vinny
Two-gap linemen generally have very long careers. It's hard to compare a 30 year old 2-gap defensive lineman to a 30 year old running back (for instance). To call a 4 year contract for a guy in his prime as "insane"...well, beats me, but call it what you will. As an example guys like Sam Adams, Pat Williams and Keith Traylor are all high quality players deep into their careers. Payne works out at the facility daily so I would think that the Texans are in a pretty good position to make a decison on Payne. It's not like they are bringing him in from another team and have not had the ability to monitor his progress.

That said, the Texans are going to make an announcement of a signing in a few hours.
I dont think Payne in his prime can even complete with Traylor personally, and I feel Payne slightly below Pat and Sam. With the injuries with Payne, this has made his stock really fall and with him getting older, the injuries wont heal as fast/well imo then if we had a 25-27 year old in there. I am not saying Payne is horrible, but he is falling off his game. Aaron Glenn is good, but he too if falling off his game a bit because of his age. Also, Payne in my oponion is falling off his prime with all the injuries. Now he is doing good just trying to stay healthy.
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