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Disappointed I am. Maybe I am a gloomy dude, but I see the same people coming back to the Texans without improving certain critical areas. Seth Payne coming back does not impress me sadly. With the amount of injuries, and he aint getting any younger at 30 now, 4 - 5 million a year for him is insaine. He has not been the playmaker of a NT. He aint work that type of cash, and really not for 4 years. This probably is all we will be doing for the most part in FA because the money is almost gone cap wise. We finished last year 7 and 9. If nothing changes except for what we pick up draft wise, I forsee a new year of new excuses and more fire threads. If we dont do something decent this year, I might even start them this year even though I have been trying to give the coach a chance. So far, I am not impressed. (sorry, but I see a year this coming year, where we not only not make the playoffs, but possibly get a worse record, from what i see so far).
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