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Look guys - all I am saying is that Coleman is a question mark. There is a spirited debate on both sides here and I can absolutley understand and appreciate that. My view is my view. I acknokledged Colemans ball hawking abilities and his speed and how good of a corner that he is. And that is super. There is just more here then some think.

It may *not* be tough for Coleman to transition. And you know what, if that is the case - then I would be the happiest Texan fan that you will ever see. But that is yet to be seen because the season has not started.

It is almost as though by pointing out a valid concern folks see me as disloyal. That is just plain silly talk.

I want Coleman to do well. I really do. The coaching staff thinks that he will do well or they would not have put him there. And apparently there are a bunch of fans who think the same. I however, am not sold. I am iffy about a player who is playing out of position despite his experience in the secondary. And everyone, coaches and fans alike, no matter if your mind is changed or not, will wonder the same thing through and through untill that player passes his test.

To give you an analogy - it is not guilty untill proven innocent. It is more like a chemical engineer being tested and asked to perform in a mechanical engineering field - sort of speak. It is engineering but different disciplines. Or vice verses - a ME asked to perfom and be tested in chemical engineering. He can do it - but it is not his specialty. (no disrespect to any Chem-E's that are out there)

Either way there will be adjustments - and that adjustment period will result in some ugly looking plays where we will be left wondering if we have all of the 11 defenders on the field. That is my point. Not Colemans size, or speed, or abilities, but the transition to another position.

But I am left to ask who is better to put there? The answer is that there is no one who is better. There is no player that the Texans could put at FS who would do better job then Coleman, period. So the Texans will do what they must. It is not ideal which is why it is in question.

All in all I think that Coleman will be adequate. Not a Pro-Bowler.

Here is a thought: How many innumerable examples in NFL history are there where a player in the secondary has changed positions and it NOT work out? We can mention with myopia all day long the examples of players who it has worked for. Can someone do some research and find that out? That would be great.

Anyway, I am not trying to stirr up a bee's nest. I was just stating a valid point that people need to look a little closer at. If you think that the secondary is this teams strength then make your case. I do not believe that it is. And I think a large part of that is in Coleman playing out of position.
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