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Originally Posted by DominatorDavis
Thanks for the clairification AJ. It is like I said, I still think he is undersized and a potential liability. A question mark. If he was bigger or smaller it does not matter - what matters is that he produces.

let me say that again in case you guys want to pull it out and put it in quotations on your next post:


How can you disagree with me? Jimminy Crickets! Comming from another position that he has never started an NFL season at - leaves me a guessing. We do not know what to expect. Who cares if he played safety in Highschool or College! That does not always ensure a smooth transition to the NFL.

How long do you want to go back and forth with this? He is a liability untill he proves that he is not.
Dominator...first it is not all that uncommon for DBs to move around from CB to Safety or even vice versa (which by the way is an even tougher transition). You are correct in that just because a guy has a some expeirence in the past that doesn't mean he will be sucessful at the transition. is a common move for CBs to move to safety at some point in their career (ie. Rod Woodson). Another example would be Carnell Lake of the Steelers a few years ago...he went from being a Pro Bowl safety one season to being a Pro Bowl CB the next, and he had never played Corner prior to that. Attitude and the willingness to excell as a team opposed to as an individual plays a large role in position shifts being sucessful or not.

I can also assure that no professional coaching staff would trade down so to speak taking (according to your logic) an unproven/liability of a rookie CB and create another liability by moving a proven preformer to a new position if what you say holds true. No matter what you think of Coleman the guy is an excellent cover man with a knack for pick-offs and he is now playing centerfield for us. Coleman IS the best upgrade we could have managed at FS giving the market at is position in Free Agency or the Draft, there was no one we could have picked up to improve the position more than he could have by making the transition. Also, making the rotation with Robinson gives us a better than average chance at upgrading 2 positions for the price of one.
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