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Fine. I still think that he is small and that he has to show that he can hit.

And really I don't care how big a guy is as long as he is a player and can produce. Do I really care if he is 6'2 210. No. Do I care that there are others who are the same size that are stellar safeties? No. And neither should anyone else. We are talking about Coleman. But untill he gets accomidated to playing safety in professional football I consider him the weak link in the secondary - of course along with Dunta since his is a rookie.

Let me ask you guys this question: Him moving to safety, is he now the strength of this secondary?

Absolutely not. He is a question mark. And a potential liability. Why do you think we drafted Earl? We do not know how MC will make the transition to safety. I guess you guys think that players can just up and switch a position like one could just up and change his boxer shorts. It is not easy. There is no gague or tangible mechanism that could quantify how Coleman will do. I *do* know this - he is fast and is a decient tackler and was a solid corner. Beyond that, I am sorry - I am being realistic. Coleman *is* playing out of position and as far as I am concerned he is a little on the lean side for me.

Having said all that I think the Texans will go about 7-9 to 8-8.

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