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Default Bryant a headcase

Originally Posted by WWJD
"Surely Keyshawn Johnson was instrumental in getting the youngster to lose his cool".

Where do you get that from?

Actually Bryant has been a headcase since college days. He's always had the attitude.

Which begs me to wonder for maybe the 4th post WHY the Texans would even entertain the possibility of obtaining him. The mantra here is to stay away from those type of disruptive players.
I'm a little confused here...Are you trying to say that Keyshawn Johnson isn't a headcase?

Where do you get that from?

Why do you think the Buc's inactivated Keyshawn? It was because of him being a disruptive influence to the team. And you honestly believe that Keyshawn didn't have anything to do with Bryant losing control?

Well, stranger things have happened...I think.
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