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McClain is unabridled pessimist when it comes to the Texans. I guess Texans owner doesn't give him as much love as his buddy Bud and Jerry in Nashville and Dallas.

My problem with Mr. McClain is that he is boring, negative and always willing to point out what is wrong with the Texans, instead of what is right. He actually has some good information if you can stomach your cookies wrapped in a turd.

Nobody needs a regurgitation of last years stats and figures. Almost everyone has a good memory and if not the internet is readily available to provide that service.

What many readers want is an educated opinion based on facts. In your hometown paper, you would like a positive spin on the local team in order to view the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.

What has been done to improve the team? How are the injuries, which led to the disappointing record and close losses, healing and progressing?! There are a plethora of stories, RIGHT NOW, of individuals working to improve physically and mentally, including the coaches and managment.

Stuff like that.

However, it appears The Chronicle is trying to make some changes with the recent aesthetic changes to the Sports section of the paper. Perhaps improving content, especially in regards to the TEXANS, is next on their list!

Of course, if we had better reporting of the situation, it would definitely help. Again, NEW information, not last years stats or when a person was drafted.

Here is hoping that Mr. McClain's outlook improves, the Chronicle Sports Department sees the light and the TEXANS make the playoffs.
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