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Bradford and Gaffney are both very talented wide receivers and both have been exposed on occasion and made human errors. Perhaps this year they will put it all together.

Bryant has shown to be a very talented wide reciever also and he has also exposed human weakness by his losing his temper at the coach. Surely, Keyshawn Johnson was instrumental in getting the youngster to lose his cool.

So nobody is perfect. One year a receiver may do great, the next not so great. Look at the Cowboys signing of WR Dederic Ward. That guy has been all over the place but he has put up some decent stats once or twice and played with the Super Bowl Champions last year.

Bryant would be a good additon if for nothing else then to push our existing group of receivers and I don't think he would be that big of distraction or have enough pull in the locker room to upset the chemistry. After all, he just may regret acting out on his frustrations and is looking to make good.

Then again, I think we may have the talent to do the job on the current Texans roster, when given the opportunity. This year is the first year that teams will have to look at our greatly improved offensive line (on paper) and a running game powered by DD! These improvements should help open the passing game and open the door of opportunity for Bradford, Gaffney, Derrick Armstrong, Sloan Thomas to shine.
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