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Originally Posted by Hottoddie
Bradford also catches a lot of balls. He has great speed to stretch the field, he makes the acrobatic catches, & he's a threat to break it for a TD every time he catches the ball (Wait a minute! Why would I want to trade him then? Oh yea, he drops a lot of drive killing 3rd down passes).
Bradford and Gaff only dropped one pass each last year (someone put that stat in another thread), so I dont see how he drops a lot of 3rd down passes. He is a great homerun threat and thats why I would hate to let him go.
Originally Posted by Hottoddie
Jones has never taken a snap in a real NFL game. There's no guarantee that he'll even be able to compete on the NFL level. Wells needs some work on his techniques, but he has the potential. He's also got the size to play FB. Maybe, Dallas would be looking to groom him to take over for the aging Richie Anderson.
Wells average 2.9 yards per carry his rookie year, now I know that is behind a pitiful line, but that is horrible and that also means that he is unproven. Wells doesnt see the hole well, dancing too much for a guy his size, and never seems to fall forward. And Wells may have the size to play FB, but doesnt have the physical mentality.

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