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The local paper here in Fresno - the Fresno Bee - had a nice article today on David. It was prepared by a writer from the Chronicle, so it might well be a reprint of something you guys have seen. However, in the article he talked about some of his goals which he said some people might laugh at, but they included getting to the playoffs and perhaps further this year. He indicated that he thought they were attainable desipite what others might think. Miller was quoted as saying that David really does know the offense well and that perhaps others need to come up to the same level. My point is that the article is an attempt to give the consuming public some information that might be relavent, and at the same time, give a build up to the upcoming season. McLain won't even allow training camp to start without trying to put a damper on this year's season. I think there's a lot of reason for optomism for this year, but there is also a lot of work to be done by the team. I would certainly like to see some articles showing what people have done to try to improve themselves, rather than some garbage about - in my opinion they aren't going anywhere this year after saying he just returned from a six months vacation that implied may be he was burned out.
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