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I would like to have seen more comments about #3-- game planning and
offensive philosophy- because IMO this is where we lose ground regardless
of the players. I believe our coaching staff is very weak at putting together
a weekly game plan that targets 'that' team for 'that' week. This staff has
got to figure out ways to put our players in situations they can excel at,
and be flexible to change those situations from week to week. Too often,
we face a team that has a history of a weakness (like pass/rush defense,
protecting the QB, etc.) and all of a sudden those weaknesses go away
when they play us. The Cleveland game is a prime example of a horrible
team that all of a sudden looked like Super Bowl contenders against the
Texans. And, this doesn't happen just once in a while but all the time.

Offensive thinking is another thorn for us, especially when the score is
close as Capers loves 'the you don't score, we won't score' scenario
leading to the last possession of the game. Capers says all the right things
about what it takes to win games but so far has not translated those
thoughts to the field on a consisitent basis. I firmly believe that someone
needs to sit down with Capers-pad/pencil in hand- and ask him what he
needs to put a winning team on the field. No more excuses-what will it
take. Then, do whatever it takes to fill in the blanks, sit back and just win.
Somehow, though, I'm not convinced that much would change but I'm a
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