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I like Kendrick Starling and Sloan Thomas as well as any WR's coming out this year except for Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams.

Thomas is 6-2 205 and is faster than his old WR team mate Roy Williams. He didn't get as many passes thrown to him as Williams did, but he makes spectacular catches. When Williams, Thomas and B.J. Johnson were all at Texas they were asked who the best reciever was and Johnson and Williams both quickly said Thomas.

Kendrick Starling is also blazing fast, but a little shorter. He ran a 4.39 40 during his Pro Day back in college... and get this.... it was ON GRASS AND IN FOOTBALL CLEATS. And he's tough and has a year of playing for the Texans under his belt.

I'd give both those guys a chance to play before drafting the latest flavor of the month WR... unless it was Williams or Edwards.
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