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well like 'cak said, most of us (with any sense of the game ) thought babin did an excellent job his rookie year. if this means anything, we also drafted dunta robinson (at # 10, ahead of jason) and he started for us at corner this year. he had some of the best stats for any corner in the league, let alone a rookie (only player with 6 picks and 3 sacks i believe). despite this, after we played chicago, the bears fans on their MB were clamoring for babin as a defensive rookie of the year!! the future looks very bright for our DE convert from western michigan...

what you thought of him?
glad you brought this up, most players on our team i feel i can read pretty well character wise. but despite my <sarcasm> infinte </sarcasm> insight i, never really got a good read on jason. don't take this the wrong way, i never picked up anything negative in regards to babin's interaction with the team, but just can't tell anything quite yet. if i was to assign him a "character profile" by his play on the field, i would most likely say something to the effect of hard working, internally motivated, blue collar "get it done" type of demeanor. but since you have actually hung out with him, maybe you could give us what you though about babin as the person, rather than the player...
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