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How are you going to critize a guy for not being productive in the Raven's passing game? I mean I didn't even know they had a passing game. Thats like critizing a RB for not being productive in Texas Tech's running game.

I think this guy could do the job.....I mean his numbers have gone done, but for good reasons. He is not a big name WR, and we probably won't bring in a big name WR into this offense anyway. He's been in this offense before, and been productive in it, and that was with Tim Couch throwing him the ball. Where is he now?

Can't take a WR with the #1? I think its a good possibilty. I mean, heck wouldn't you love to see Mike Williams and AJ on two sides of the feild? Yeah Mike Williams doesn't have the speed, but AJ can make up for what Mike doesn't have. Mike is a big target to be used in Red Zone and short yardage plays, and wouldn't you love to see him run that play were the WR just turns at the snap without going anywhere and catching the ball and running because the corner is off of him? I bet he would run over some CBs easily.

If you don't like the OLine as it is now.......well thats to bad because thats the way it will be next year. The only "improving" it will be doing is another NFL offseason under its belt and another year in the system.
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