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Everyone says he knows Palmer's offense and my retort to that is WHAT OFFENSE? What good is a receiver with no O-line. That sounds like the cart before the horse to me. Yes, I remain critical of the whole process, because without improvement in the O-line you can kiss the whole season good bye. I've seen nothing yet which tells me that problem is fixed. I just don't believe the offseason with no pickups will somehow yield an O-line. I would hope the focus would be on that as the 1st priority. Yes, AJ caught as many passes for us as he did in the ProBowl, but I would say if there is a portion of this team where we have depth is at the receiver positions, but not at TE. BJ might come through, but only the good lord knows the answer to that one. Sounds to me like everyone is fishing including Vinny. Don't get me wrong he wants the best for the ball club, but I'm not certain even management knows what's best for this ball club.
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