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Default Mort High On Carr

I found this interesting and delightful. Yesterday, Chris Mortensen held a chat session. Click here for full transcript He holds Carr up high with the rest of the top QB's in the league.

Nick Seccco (chicago): Mort, you begged the question... Drafting TODAY... top 5 QB's on your board?

Chris Mortensen: I'll play this game X the top of my head: 1. Manning; 2. McNair; 3. Favre; 4. Culpepper; 5. Brady; 6. Vick (if healthy); 7. McNabb; 8. Pennington; 9. . Carr; 10. Hasselbeck, I know I left out somebody.

Marc(Vega$): Carr over Leftwich? Look what Leftwich did behind a very young and rebuilding team last season. To say Carr is the better QB is absurd. Watch this season.

Chris Mortensen: Next to Vick & possibly Culpepper, David Carr may be the most physically (arm and athletically) gifted QB in the NFL. Letfwich should be a great one. I just need to see him make that leap forward this season, which I believe he will.
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