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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Keep in mind that Peterson is a LOLB, not a middle LB. Wong had 62 tackles last year. Peterson also had 7 sacks and 2 INT's--he is very good.

Compare to some other pro-bowl OLB's:

LaVar Arrington 88 tkl, 6 sacks, 0 INT's
Dexter Coakley 96 tkl, 1 sack, 1 INT
Peter Boulware 58 tkl, 8.5 sacks, 0 INT's

He isn't out of his mind thinking he deserves to be one of the top paid LB's. Don't understand why there is a prohibition on negotiating with tagged players though.
I understand your point in the stat difference between ILB vs OLB...HOWEVER, do any of the guys you mentioned (including Peterson) have the same impact to the defense and team as a whole as Lewis. I am not saying that Peterson shouldn't be paid as a top LB...just that having a franchise tag on him wouldn't have mattered because he wants to be paid as an elite player at his position and that he is asking for a LOT of money for 57 solo tackles and single digit sacks.

One quick note...Peterson's had 94 combined tackles...only 57 solos, didn't know if you were counting just solo tackles or not.
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