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Default Police Officers and their golf carts - a safety risk?

OK, you know I have my moments where I get up on my soap box (although it is kind of rare when it happens). Well, here I am, getting back up on that box...

I witnessed something this last tailgate that irritates the shet out of me. while standing there talking, one of our regular "golf cart" police officers (the one with the salt and pepper hair - the one that went after Joe for incorrect information) comes driving his golf cart around the corner at a pretty fast speed. Right behind him is another officer doing the same thing (this one was a younger hispanic guy). As he is coming around the corner doing the same thing.

Now here is where I got upset about this...
1. Neither one of these apparently took into account the remote possibility that one of the young kids we have tailgating with uscould have been running right in front of the path of the golf carts.
2. They were not in any kind of emergency, there was absolutely NO reason for them to be going at those speeds around the corner to get to another tailgate group just down from us to get food. (I'm not 100% sure that's what they were doing, but I do know it was NO EMERGENCY, it was for fun)
3. When the second officer came driving by, someone yelled to him to slow down, so he stops the cart and hides behind his badge with the attitude that he can do whatever he wanted and how dare someone of the general public correct him on what he was doing. He sat there for at least 2 minutes arguing with the guy, in an offensive matter, basically asking the guy "what are you gonna do about it?"

I love having these guys out here in the parking lot, it makes it safe for all of us when tailgating. The parts I don't like is when they have to get attitudes with us because they have a badge and they think that allows them the right to do as they please. It's even worse when these guys do not take into consideration the safety of the people (especially the kids) when they are racing around in their carts just to get to a tailgate area for some food.

I do hope someone with the Texans organization reads this message, because I hate to see the image of such a great organization tarnished when these officers actually hits someone out there, when this could be prevented by them just simply slowing down. Some of these officers working out there are great people, and they show respect to the people, as we will show respect back. However, the officer in that second golf cart lost my respect when he was called on for a serious lack of public concern, and has to bully the person who called him out on it.

My main purpose for this post is the safety of all the kids out there with us, and the friends we tailgate with. I am not trying to cause problems, just trying to prevent them.
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