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My point with the Brady comparison was that he didnt make mistakes, AND that Peek really wasnt out of position this year. There were only few plays were he didnt have great run contain but yet that strung the paly out for others to make a play. And in terms of his head not on straight? Playing with emotion is not a bad thing, he had one personal foul this season against the bears, and the game was over with basically. The arguments on him are all based on rookie season problems. These problems were mostly eliminated this year. In terms of practice, in season practice is almost nonexistant. That is why starters stay starters, because not much changes in practice during the season. I just want to point out that the two games that peek started in this season because of the nickle defense being played mostly, they won. THey also didnt give up much in terms of rushing yards. Just an interesting fact.
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