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Originally Posted by texasguy346
That's just my point. Peek didn't show the knowledge for the game and for his assignments in the game when he did get playing time. Brady excelled when given the chance to play. Peek is a talented player, and he brings alot of energy, but his progression as a LB does not mirror Tom Brady's progression as a QB. Besides Brady had to show something in practice for him to make the squad as a 3rd string QB as a rookie. Otherwise he would have likely ended up on the practice squad or released like most other 6th Round QBs.

Maybe rookie year peek and brady's progression were different, but brady was always a QB, throwing the ball doesnt change. Peek switched positions so he should not have started his rookie year at all, probably not the beginning of this past season either. However, saying that when in the games this year he made so many more mistakes than brady did in his first playing time may be a stretch. He may have had a play or two that were bad but overall this season Peek played very well in the game, and in all sides of his play, maybe a few bad run plays but none ever broke into anything big, he never gave up a reception but did have and INT, and his pass rush is fine. I also think that in brady's first campaign as a starter he had similar results to Big Ben this season in that he did well, maybe not ridiculous Marino like numbers, but he also was not a bum who threw 100 INTs. I think that if peek played a lot he would show some things that people wouldnt expect in terms of great play, but we will see.
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