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I think Brady is on his way! In his 1st playoff game vs Oakland. Brings his team from behind in the 4th and in over time in a blizzard. He has a very strong arm against the wind too.Then against the Rams in the 1st Super Bowl. Just when it look like the Rams where getting momentum he snuffs it out with a last minute drive. 2nd Super Bowl against Panthers. With DB`s Wilson and Harrison out for the Pats in the 4th. Alot of pressure knowing if he didn`t score the Panthers would score again. (for all you people out there who are complaining about Panthers kicker giving the Pats the ball on the 40 there were also 2 major penalties on that drive too!) Drove the team on a last sec drive again!Saw Brady in person for the 1st time against the Texans which by the way the Texans gave the Pats a "Gimme" he had a 4th and goal with 40 sec to go and scored to send it to OT. Brady loves to play under pressure.Watching Brady on NFL Network when they break down his passing plays. He looks like NEO of the Matrix when Neo figured out the Matrix. Its hard to believe he is only in his 4th yr. I could be wrong but he could be the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl on the last drive of the game and MVP. He also has a Super Bowl record with 32 Completions in a Super Bowl Game. Now he has a running back Cory Dillon. The table is set. Have to see it play out. Remember funny things have happen. Nothing is written in Stone.
PATS are Reloading! ;-)
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