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Originally Posted by THE_HONKEY_TONK_KID
Don't give me the BS he is not fast enough. To much is put into little 40 times. How many times is he going to run a straight 40 in a game? And did a 40 ever hurt him at USC?

I think this is where the topic gets interesting............Mike Williams would definately be a target in the endzone. And where did we have trouble on offense? Stalling in the Red zone. I don't know the exact % of times we kicked a FG in the red zone, but I remember toward the beginning to middle of the season that seemed to be a problem for us was not converting for TDs. If we did draft Mike Williams I never thought it he would be seriously used for moving the ball between the 20's, but in the red zone will we see his true production for us.
Most pro scouts are looking at him as more an H-back instead of a wideout. They dont think he will have the ability to get any separation with a NFL corner on him. And you can out jump people all you want, but you cant do that on every reception.

I am hot and cold on him. He could easily be a bust due to issues about getting open, but then he could be a great possession reciever for years to come. Dunno.

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