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Originally Posted by Porky
I'll disagree with your point. What a 7th rounder gets has no bearing on a first rounder. The idea that the top picks wait and see what the bottom ones get is backwards. They wait and see what the guys AHEAD of them get, and work from that point when negoitating. And, if it is a guy playing the same position, the relevance is even higher. So, with Robinson, his agent will wait until Hall signs, and with Babin, the only guy even close that I can think of would be Will Smith. But, it's a top down, not bottom up approach.

Well reading about it last year, the higher picks were signed last, that is why Charles Rogers signed after AJ, and AJ after Bryant Johnson, also why Eli will probably wait to see what Rivers was offered. The lower ones waiting one the higher picks doesnt make sense, if I was the top draft pick at my position, I would wait until the lower picks at my position were signed so the team would have to give me more money than the lower picks at my position.
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