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Originally Posted by texasguy346
Brady was more than a backup. I think he was a 3rd stringer at one point, but the #2 QB on the depthchart behind Bledsoe suffered a severe injury in Training Camp or the preseason and that shifted Brady to #2. I'm not sure how Brady taking the place of an injured Bledsoe has anything to do with Peek earning playing time. Did Brady earn his playing time by paying the Jets to injure Bledsoe? So I assume all Peek has to do is pull a Tanya Harding on either Babin or Wong in order to earn playing time? If we get by all that let's think about what Brady was best at in that 2001 campaign. Could it be that he didn't make many mistakes as a young inexperienced QB, and didn't give the game away to the other team by turning the ball over? Now, lets move on to what Peek has been criticized most for. Could it be that he sometimes loses contain, and doesn't stick to his assignment allowing the other team to exploit him from time to time? Wow, Brady and Peek are remarkably similar. I'm not bashing Peek, but he's slowly and surely progressed from his rookie season. He has great intensity, and he's slowly but steadily improved over the course of the season on his ability to stick to his assignment and keep contain. He still has a ways to go in the offseason if he wants to garner a starting spot next season, but I have faith he'll continue to improve. Brady, however, had time to sit and watch his rookie season, and when he was forced into action Brady played so well in the PT he had that he never relinquished the starting QB job. When Peek plays as well as an OLB, as Brady plays as a QB then he too will become a starter for years to come.

because vinny said peek hasnt shown much in practice to deserve much playing time, well obviously brady didnt show much to deserve it at first either, but once he was in the game it was a different story, same as peek. I would say some athletes may not show as much in practice as they do in the games !
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