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I should prefface my earlier point. Of course rookies need time. They need time to develop when there is no one else behind them to compete for the starting position other then a weaker player, a street free agent or another rookie. In other words when the team has no choice but to play them. So yes I agree with some of the earlier points stating that.

Having said that, if there is a player that we can get - at some level, whether it be via free agent, trade, or by draft, which will institute a talent laden player in a position that has in the past, had less then desirable results, then that is a good thing for the strength of the team. If that means supplanting a younger or older player - so be it. The idea is to improve. A team does that by making these types of judgement calls.

So more candidly I would ask - who do you place in the starting line up? The guy who is really good right now or the guy who could be good?

Or better yet, who do you keep on the team? A guy who can right now provide you with a starting role on some level or a guy who might be good enough for the team if he develops?

One would assume that the answer is self evident.

I just think that with where we are as a team that we are past the developmental point at most positions. Some players are just good enough to beat out a developmental guy. There is still room there, but these types of situations are becomming fewer and fewer on this team. As it is, they there - sure, but it is getting tougher to be a developmental guy and make this team. That was my point.

In order to keep these developmental players in the loop the NFL created the European league.

It speaks volumes, but it does not bode well for Dave Ragone that he has been allocated there.
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