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Walker isnt going anywhere. He is getting roughly 3 mil this year, so hes not a bad value. Just hope he brings his game back up.

IF we did take spears, he would be put in at a rotation. Not a starter.

The only way he becomes a starter is if we dont re-sign Payne, and move Smith to NT. Which is a looooong shot.
Whoever said anything about getting rid of Walker???

Walker delievered the least production on the D-line this past season, so thats where our problem begins on the D-line and Spears is the key to bringing productivity back to the LDE positon while Payne can be re-signed for cheap (and do you actually think some other team is gonna actually offer Payne a huge contract in free agency???? )

A young rookie can beat out a high priced overpaid veteran no matter how big the veterans contract is. If Vilma was able to beat out Sam Cowart for the starting MLB position for the Jets, then Marcus Spears can beat out the overrated Gary Walker for the LDE position. And Vilma was not expected to start at the MLB position either if you didn't know that. Having a huge contract, but producing little to nothing does not guarantee you a starting job in the NFL!!!!!!!

I thought you knew that
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