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Default Re: "Blah, Blah, freakin Blah!"

Originally Posted by threetoedpete View Post
Defese sucks because we do not have good enough athletes currenty to get the job done. And the d co-ordintor must compensate. Just not true about Demeeco. He's regressed. B'rair rabbit isn't in that hole Demeeeco.
I think youre right to a degree, TTP. I noticed it a bit when making my mid-season grades. He just isnt as much of a factor in the run game as he was last year. It may be because the DTs arent giving him enough protection from the O-line to shoot the gaps. A lot of his tackles are coming 5 yards downfield instead of at the LOS. One thing that was somewhat apparent last year was that he could get swallowed up by o-linemen. DeMeco is still doing enough in other areas I think his coverage has improved and I'm unsure to what extent the schemes and DT's are responsible, for me to hold off on saying hes regressed.
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