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Default Re: The Two Worst Stats to Lead the NFL in

Originally Posted by drewmar74 View Post
But when a team consistently loses players to injury, can't get them back on the field, and ends up IR'ing them, it might be time to revisit what you are doing in the offseason.
They did, but maybe they didn't look hard enough. Some of the injuries we've had are freak accidents - Spencer & Dunta (friendly fire), Schaub - but the majority are kind of murky to me. Mathis for one. Harrison for another - he was here how long before getting IR'ed?

With Schaub, we'd be up to 20. No one else in the league is even close to that - they range from 2 (damn lucky Cowpokes!) to 13. I think we were near the top of the league last year as well.

Originally Posted by Texans34Life View Post

BSPN shows our defense evens out our offensive miscues.
Someone there didn't do their rithmatic - that should be -10 in turnovers differential.
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