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Default Re: I love the Houston Texans

Originally Posted by Thorn View Post
Screw everything. Excuse the hell out of me, but itís Friday night and Iím drunk as shit and I say the Texans are my team.

Yeah, at present, they arenít worth a shit. Like we need a mind reader to understand that. But they are the team from Houston. They are our team. They are what we have.

And itís a hell of a lot better than some cities have got. We could be Miami. But we are not. We actually have a QB, well, as long as he can stand we do, but the point remains, we have a QB. Hopefully.

We also have the basis of a damn good defense. We are getting there. By slow steps and missteps we are getting there.

Screw ESPN and others who rate teams, we are getting there.

On the other hand, I could just be drunk. Which I am. In any case, the Texans are my team. I think they suck right now, but I love them anyway. Why do I love a team that sucks? Because they are the Houston team. And I live in Houston.

You have no idea how much I needed Microsoft word to correct my spelling in this post.


Substitute "Texans" for "Bucs", and I was there where you are last year.. really! We are Bucs fans, we have been loosing and sucking much longer than the Texans have

You will get better, we did. IE Superbowl But just enjoy the good years because you could go back to a 4-12 season at any time.. we did!

I love my Tampa Bay Bucs, 4-12 or 12-4, Love your team win or not! Bandwagon fans are the ones who suck!

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