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Originally Posted by Ediddy73
Babin (why you folks insist on calling a grown man Babs) getting a 5 million dollar bonus is laughable, but ignorance is bliss I guess. Larry Johnson, last years #27 overall, has a total contract worth approximately 5.287 million, you would have to be a fool to pay Babin 4 times what the guy in his slot last year made for a contract that is 3 years shorter . Put down the controller and back away from the Madden 2004....I will not edit, I did not factor in the signing bonus, thanks Cak
wow...did know you would be so offended by me throwing out numbers just to get the discussion started! I was just pulling numbers out of the air that sounded somewhat reasonable, fully knowing that they were probably well off the mark...but thanks for pointing to me my total ignorance of the sport and our team...I guess I'll just go back to my Madden '04 now and leave the boards to you budding Mel Kiper Jr's out there!
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