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Default the thrill is gone

as i look back at this season there is something that was obviously gone from our team...remember the first season gary walker was in everyones face and did his best hulk inpersonations after every in jerry jones's face during the first game...then he got hurt in season two and has never returned...i'm just wondering what happened to gary walker...i know players get hurt and play hurt but that shouldn't have any affect on their intensity during the game should it? injuried was gary this season?...i can remember him coming off the field a couple of times throughout the season but nothing major...i remember towards the end of the season him and sharper hinting to some changes that needed to be made...maybe one of the changes is walker's role for this team...because to me the thrill is gone in his eyes...can't see the thrive to want to play and to play great like he did in season one...just something i wanted to talk about...if anyone else wants to chim in that's cool just wanted to get all that out in the open
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