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Originally Posted by run-david-run View Post
I remeber that play against Cleveland. At the same time, I remeber the first drive the Browns had when they doubled Mario on third and short and he broke through the double team and pulled Lewis back short of the marker. What that leads me to belive is that Mario just isn't that quick in diagnosing plays, especially runs. This, like almost all of his problems, has to do with experiance and learing curve, not talent. Now more then ever, I think we have made the right choice. Of course, its easy to say that after a 7 tackle, 2.5 sack performance, but its looking pretty smart so far.
Since the Saints game, he's looked a LOT better at diagnosing plays. Again, he wasn't able to practice half of his rookie year, when he could have gained valuable experience in picking up keys and all that. He did a very good at outside contain against VY.
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