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Of course since Chow is a representative of a top caliber college program, everyone seems to think he was the best candidate. I am a Jaguar's fan, and I can honestly say I would not want Chow running our offense. The Jags personell is NOT made for a West Coast offense type of scenario and that is the kind of thing Chow runs. Byron isn't mobile. He doesn't stay under center... he is a shotgun quarterback. Taylor, although a solid rusher, is not the best pass catcher. Our TEs aren't nimble and quick with sure hands...

Our personell is not bad at all... it's just simply, we aren't made for a WCO. Smith can handle what we have and I hope he is able to take the talent we do have and build on it. We have a lot invested in our offense. If our offense could just show up and be consistent, then we would be a very good team. Our defense is already good and we STILL need depth. We were playing this year without a real pass rusher, we lack an OLT, and CB. Aside from that, we have to decide if we can work out a deal with Donovan Darius or we have to watch him go. With the upgrades to our defense, and maybe another added wide receiver, we can be a division contender next season. Hopefully Smith can do something good with our offense.

I do hope that the Texans are able to add some depth to their defense and offense... It would be good to have more teams contending with the Colts next season. The Titans are in the same situation that the Jaguars were in starting in around 2000. If it wasn't for the creation of the Texans in which we were able to relinquish about 16 million of our cap hit, we'd still be suffering. That goes to show about how long the Titans will be in the AFC South basement.

Anyways, if the Titans want to hire Chow, so be it. Have you noticed that the Titans are the only team expressing interest in Chow? Everyone else wants experienced OCs... which is another reason Del Rio went with Smith. Del Rio said that he wanted an OC with NFL experience. Just because Chow has a great team in USC doesn't mean he will be a success in the NFL.
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