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I find it pretty interesting to take a look at the role of the coach in the Big 3 sports (NFL, NBA, MLB) and what the overall perception of the player population is.

MLB...coaches seem almost like accountants, most are faceless and seem to the layman to leave little stamp on the teams. There are the minority that seem to bring real leadership to their clubs and those guys clearly stand out from the crowd. The players appear to be WAY WAY over paid and then gripe for more pay...they are stunned when people believe they that rules and fairness apply to them, ie the steroid testing issue.

NBA...coaches I think have the least amount of impact because many owners have on more than one occaision stated that they will side with the 50mil dollar star over the 5mil dollar coach everytime. Guess what... the players know this too!! They are also insanely overpaid and have the biggest Me 1st and Me only attitude of any player population.

NFL...coaches leave the clearest mark on the teams they work with. With the talent parity in the league via the draft, free agency, and salary cap to me the single biggest signing an owner and GM can make to have a lasting impression is the coaching staff. The players are responsible to the coach and they know the coaches word is law...if it isn't then you get the '03 Raiders. I think the players are much more willing to work around salary cap issues for the good of the team (as compared to the other sports) and by the nature of their sport are more likely to sacrifice for the good of the team.

I think everyone on Cowboys squad and front office knows that Bryants day's are numbered...I would bet that Bryant would get walking papers from 2/3rds of the teams around the league for his actions. Remember the Gruden-Keyshawn issues last year...Chucky benched arguably his best offensive talent for the last 3rd of the season for this type of behavior.
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