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Default Re: Do you think we are out of luck for the wild card spot?

Originally Posted by texdawg View Post
Sorry guys, looking at your schedule I say no way. You guys have one of the toughest schedules out there.

I've been trolling your site for a while. I was born and raised a Browns fan in Ohio. I've been to many Oilers/Browns games in Houston. I'm not some young punk looking to start anything. Been living in Tex for 30+yrs.

I just can not get behind the Texans. Remind me too much of the futile Browns of the last few years. Poor management-draft choices. ect. One thing I do respect is the passion you guys/gals have for football.

I will be here for a while. I will not crap on your parade, but only talk football and try to add to some discussions and hopefully laugh at a joke or two.
Nice clean post. And, the reponse you got to it makes this a better place IMO. Welcome aboard.
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