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Default Re: So im banned least I'm not alone. I got told about the official Texans forums a while back about my cousin(Anti-Bush). I have always loved the Oilers/Texans but had little time to check out the board because I am a mod on a basketball message board. I finally headed over there and noticed many of the annoying posters you guys are talking about. I called one "uninformative" and got banned for it. The guy I said it to actually PM'ed me, threatening to run to a mod if I didn't apologize to him. I told him he'd probably get laughed at if he told on me and that what a said to him was common knowledge, as he had been identified as a troll my other posters. I am...because it seems it wasn't seen my way. Its kinda funny...on the board I moderate we actually partake in the hazing of the idiots....but I digress.

That being said, its good to be here....and I agree with the many others that say there are better posters here. For someone who can't even buy a Texans t-shirt in his town, this place is a fresh drink of water. I hope to post as much as I can but my responsibilities on the other board often limit for the times I can be here...GO TEXANS!