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Default Re: Who's going to be the new OC?

Originally Posted by Texans_Chick View Post
Leach...Really dry, odd sense of humor.
Occasionally bizarre - those interviews make me think of Ricky Gervais in the Office at times.

Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
I wonder if Kubiak will want to change DC since he's having to find another OC. Another year of Richard Smith's bland defensive schemes and emotion-based playcalling leaves me feeling less than enthusiastic.
I kind of doubt he's going to fire Richard Smith. Just a feeling I have. Plus, in most statistical departments, the defense has made improvements from last year. On the other hand, he has called into question several of Smith's decisions - moving Mario around last year, lining up Petey against Steve Smith, not being aggressive enough, etc. If it happens, I think the search for his replacement would start and end with Frank Bush.

I'd like to see Kirksey stay at WR coach. It seems every receiver has made strides (not counting the YNK->Schaub factor). Even Mathis seemed to be improving as a receiver. Chick Harris' backs have had mixed results, but he hasn't had a lot to work with. Heck, he made Jonathon Wells into a 100-yard rusher. Pariani had a good track record at Denver and seems to be doing well here. I'm undecided about Benton. Winston has come along nicely, but Pitts seems to have regressed. Shanny seems to have a nice rapport with the QBs. I do like the possibility that the kid could potentially bring more innovation to the offense. I'd rather see him get promoted than have another season of too many cooks spoiling the broth.
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