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Originally Posted by Double Barrel View Post
Or a front four that can actually beat their man from time to time to put pressure on the pocket. Our line lacks a certain 'killer instinct'. Physical talent is great, but a motivating fire in the heart is what really takes good players and makes them great.

They are still young, though, so I've got hope that they can figure it out. We would not need to depend on blitzes - thus exposing our weak secondary - if our line just did their jobs.
I'm not saying to go blitz crazy and expose our secondary, but I am saying that we do need to blitz more than a handful times a game. Travis looks like he is finally starting to develop well, and Mario/Amobi have been getting better. However, Amobi looks like he is starting to get worn down by the length of the season. Weaver has been solid at run support but need more than just Mario getting to the qb. I agree that we have great upside, but a little more blitzing would keep other teams on their toes, rather than them knowing that we run a vanilla defense.
Defense in the name of the game.
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