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Originally Posted by texansalltheway
San Francisco does need defensive players, and with the hiring of Nolan a defensive coordinator I think they could go for Derrick or Rolle. Nolan could draft DJ to team with Peterson to form the foundation of their defense, like Ray in Baltimore. Or they could improve their team defense by drafting Rolle because there secondary sucks, as a team they only had 8 interceptions.
Perhaps I should have been more precise. The problem is that the 49ers do not have a big need that sticks out 10 feet high and waves a flag that says "we're gonna draft XYZ" - they have about 15 need positions! The lack of clarity is a reflection on the 49ers, not on this draft class. We'd have more definition if one of many other teams held the #1.

For instance, if Miami had been #1 rather than #2, Cedric Benson would be a pretty clear leader for #1 - even though Miami isn't in great shape in a lot of places. Or if Chicago were there, Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams. Or Dallas with Rolle. There's lots of other cut-and-dried situations out there.
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