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Default He WILL NOT play for the Texans...

Nothing against your team, who I happen to enjoy watching, BUT he wants to play for a powerhouse and preferably on the east coast, and a major televised market. It just won't on it. Your O-line and offense as a whole are not good enough...he wants to be THE star on a team full of stars who can win it all now. His priorities are:

2) Fame / Limelight <- East coast teams
3) Run oriented O with good O-line ...

He runs no where near as hard as he should...he only runs hard in the red zone. He wants to be on the Monday night game, Sunday night game, or at least be the nationally televised game most Sundays. He plays for Shaun, not for the team. He is not a vocal annoying team cancer like many players, but he is only out for Shaun. I watched every single Hawks game for the last three years and will not be sorry to see him go. And given the state of your offense and line, he would not have anywhere near the production. He will not take a hit, and he slides a lot. If you added up all the times he dropped to avoid a hit he would have won the rushing title by at least a hundred yards.

- The Hawks OL is vastly superior to the Texans
- You have the better individual WR in AJ, but the Hawks win in overall depth with D Jack, K Rob, Engram, and Rice being much better than your top four. This takes pressure of the running game giving Shaun more openings.
- Hawks TE's are better...blocking and receiving
- Mack Strong is one of the top 3 blocking FB's in the league
- Hass is better than Carr at this point, though I think Carr will be better in the end..possibly overtaking Matt next year depending on your OL and weapons.

In just won't on it.

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