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Default My Houston Texans Mock 2.0

Here's my #2 mock of 5 ... up until draft day...

Round 1: Marcus Spears, DE LSU ...
(Nothing has changed since my first mock. Everybody who said he was going in the 2nd round , has jumped back on the bandwagon I see.)

(If Available Here We Take: 1. Derrick Johnson ILB 2. Antrell Rolle CB 3. Heath Miller TE)

Round 2: Odell Thurman, ILB Georgia
(No LB in the All-Star games, overtook him in my mind as a better choice)

(If Available Here We Take: 1. DE/OLB - David Pollack 2. C/OG - David Baas 3. WR Mark Clayton)

Round 3a: Ben Wilkerson, C LSU
(I have changed on Eslinger, amd read up on Wilkerson's progess. He sounds like he's getting back to form)

Round 3b: Kevin Everett, TE Miami
(Guy is a monster. Nuff' Said, just hope he's still around.)

Round 4: Antonio Perkins, KR/CB Oklahoma
(I'm not drafting him here to play CB... maybe he could be a nice nickel guy, who knows.. but I'm drafting him here for his big play potential in the special teams game.)

Round: 5: DT Anthony Bryant, DT Alabama
(Still a STEAL. Big Time run clogger, gap filler.)

Round 6: Maurice Clarrett, RB Ohio State
(6th round pick, Low-Risk High-Reward. I think he'd come in motivated to prove the other teams wrong for letting him fall this far. I'm all for it)

Round 7: Sam Mayes, OG OSU
(Steal. I love the guy. 9 times out of 10 he'll be off the board... but I can dream can't I?)

Feedback would be appreciated.

Round 7:
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