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Default What Bruener brings

I believe that signing Bruener this year will benifit the Texans in a big way. We have never had a power run blocking TE before. We have never had an experienced guy on the line like Bruener and I believe that there are some big things in play for this offense. We drafted Joppru to do what we want from Bruener but when he went down with a groin injury it changed our approach. I think that Joppru will recover. I also think that he will be an asset to this team in the future but groin surgery takes a long time to recover from. And to recover fully. Signing Bruener was huge for this tight end squad.

What we get from Bruener is a vet who has decent hands (not Billy Miller hands) but who can just straight up plow the field. He is strong as an ox and you will be hard pressed to find a more strength gifted tight end in the NFL. Bruener is also a natural leader. Players gravitate to him. The media gravitates to him. And that is why CC signed him. His size, strength, and skill makes our team better.

He just needs to stay healthy.
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