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Default You guys are ridiculous--

Flush this season and this team. We aren't anything like a playoff contender so please stop posting lists of where we rank in the "playoff picture."

We don't rank at all. We are losers losers losers with a capital L.

Schaub is a slightly improved David Carr who can't quite make the throws on target. He should be benched and traded ASAP. AJ -- Lord knows what has got into him. He looked like he wanted to be playing flag football out there today. The punter Turk should go. The D-line is a sieve. THe coaching sucked big time--no imagination, no surprise, no game.

And the dullest team in the league to boot.

I'm not kidding, McNair ought to revamp starting at the head coach and working all the way down. Let's hope and pray Kubiak really is in the market for the A&M job.
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