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Default 3-4 Down Lineman

Since plenty have been wondering who would fit in our Defense as a 3-4 DE I decided to do a little research.

One of the greats, Richard Seymour of the Patriots is 6-6 and wieghs in @ 305. Anthony Weaver of Baltimore is 6-3 and 296 and Kimo Von Oelhoffen of Pittsburgh is 6-3 @ 297. Those are all good 3-4 DE's in successful defenses.

Our current Defensive Ends in our system are Robaire (Who I acutally like) who list at 6-4, 310 lbs. and Gary Walker 6-2, 305 lbs. Neither one of them has noticeable speed and i think that may be part of why we can't get a good pass rush even though it is mostly the linebackers job in the 3-4 Defense to get to the QB.

Marcus Spears is 6-4 @ 298 and as previously said has room to add weight if needed. Shaun Cody is also 6-4 and 295 lbs. I would like to see us get either of these guys (Spears particulary, because of his speed). I also like the way Spears played in the Senior Bowl today. From what I saw he had alot of patience and good awareness. He also stuck with a play and never gave up.
One more thing, Mel Kiper said today that scouts have taken more notice of him and he could be moving down to about the Top 15 in the draft.
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