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Originally Posted by AndreJ
The question was out of Pac-Man, TD and i forget the other guy, who would you take. Noone here is saying that our O and D line shouldn't be helped.
And the answer to your question is pretty obvious everyone would take D-Rob.
I see you have a knack for speaking for others including me. I never said anyone thinks the O & Dline shouldn't be helped. I questioned if the 13th pick should be used on DB help as opposed to O & DLine help.Last time I checked there were 6 more rounds worth of picks we could use on either/or. The argument is which to address first ... and as for that "everyone" reference, at the time only D-Rek had answered the question at the time. As knowledgable as he may be, I hardly believe he counts for much more than just HIS opinion. This was MY question within this thread ... comparing DRob to Jones. The aggrivating thing about all this is that you have done this to one of my posts before on the Jags board. My questions & opinions are just as valid as anyones on this MB. Heres a thought ... just ignore my posts if you can't find anything to say thats not condescending.
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