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I agree with you. Peek is an outstanding talent that is still learning the system and developing. The only area that Peek is weak in right now is stopping the run. He has trouble getting off blocks at the point of attack, but he will get much better this coming up season. He also needs to learn to control his emotions on the field.

He reaks havik for tackles who try to block him around the corners because he's so fast. This guy is the real deal and Houston needs to make every effort to lock him up.

On defense, Houston has two major areas that need improvement and I'm not going to speculate what or who they will try to draft or sign to help:

1. They need a big, strong, quick nose tackle like the Casey Hampton/Sam Adams/Tony Saragusa/Gilbert Brown's of the NFL. These type guys hold the point of attack, break down the pocket, and clog up running lanes

2. Strong Safety. I've seen other postings where people for some reason get this position confused with Free Safety (Marcus Robertson). A good Strong Safety is essential for helping to stop the run and getting to the quarterback. The help in pass coverage but in zone coverage, not man to man (Look at what happens to Roy Williams with Dallas). He great at the line of scrimmage and hawking down the ball, but you can't expect him to be covering WR's man on man.

But more important than focusing on our defense, we need offensive line help, and primarily at Left Tackle. Great Left Tackles are hard to find and only come along every few years in the draft. Free agency is the best avenue to get one but teams usually franchise them to keep them (ie. Walter Jones, Orlando Pace).

If we are to get over the hump to start being a real contender in our division, we have to protect David Carr. Every team starts and ends on the line.
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