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With the 9th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select......

Jabba the Hut

Word out of Washington is under achieving left tackle Chris Samuels could become a cap casualty. Coach Joe Gibbs, once renouned for his "Hogs" back in the day, chooses to make Hut a new Hog.

And despite not having the quick feet of a protipical NFL left tackle, or any feet at all for that matter, Jabba's sheer girth will give him a significant advantage over the likes of the Strahan, Kearse, and the other feared pass rushers of the NFC East. One problem which Coach Gibbs will need to address is Jabba's penchant for drawing an inordinate amount of yellow laundry with his illegal tongue to face penalties. With Jabba eating up defenders, quarterback Patrick Ramsey should find himself with time to find open receivers and running back Clinton Portis many lanes to run through.
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