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Default Re: Vince Young is the best QB in the NFL

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I dunno, bro. I was educated in Texas from Pre-K to high school and slavery was always the #1 cause of the Civil War when I was learning about it. But anyway, I think this is kind of dumb to be talking about in a thread about a NFL QB.
I'm with you about not turning this into a slavery/racism thread. Which is why it was a dumb remark for Second Honeymoon to make. And yes, slavery was an issue but look further: state's rights buddy. Slavery=a minor issue at the time. The real problem=stave government vs. national government. The Confederacy wanted each state to have their own sovereignty. The United States did not. This is also the single biggest reason why the Confederacy lost the war. An inability to command a SINGLE Confederate Army as opposed to multiple state militias. I could be wrong on the state but South Carolina had an overflow of artillery and uniforms. They refused to share with the rest of the Confederate Army as they wanted to look out for their own state's interests. But enough about this.
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