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Default Re: Vince Young is the best QB in the NFL

Originally Posted by M Shadows View Post
But the franchise has. I'm sure you know that, being a old Oiler fan.
Boy, now that was brutal. I love the Tennessee fan boys. Can't recognize the ability of their defense and the inability of their poster boy. VY is a joke of a quarterback. Will he pick up the pro game? Maybe. But when you've played 8 games and have only 5 total TDs (3 passing, 2 rushing), you aren't exactly leading your team to victory. And look if you're gonna take our franchise, at least understand and know the history. Don't bother replying with your "VY is a winner" rhetoric or whatever BS you can come up with. No matter how you spin it, statistically, he is having a worse season than David Carrbage did last year.
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