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Wow!!! I haven't heard anything about him but that is, in my opinion, the Texans biggest area of need. All the mock drafts talk about Shaun Cody, Dan Cody, Anttaj Hawthorne at our #13 pick. I think these guys will be good NFL players one day, but not good enough to take at 13.

We have a 'good' defense and I think that picking Patterson out of USC in the second round would be a steal, if he's still available. However, we're getting our QB killed. The fact that he barely has 2 - 3 seconds to drop back and try to find an open receiver affects every aspect of the Texans team, such as:
1. Running the ball 'consistantly'
2. Time of possession
3. Defense getting tired in the fourth quarter

Dom Capers like to run a ball control offense. That doesn't mean run, run, run. That means being able to move the ball with effeciency. We can have Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, and all of the other Pro Bowl receivers on our team, but if David doesn't have enough time to drop back and let the routes develop, it doesn't do the team any good.

Thanks for sharing the information about Wesley Britt. I'm going to go do some homework of my own on him.
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